In the News: Jackson recalls past days starring in Mid Lincs Football Youth League

Ten years has passed since Lee Jackson starred in the Mid Lincs Football Youth League – even back then it was clear he was destined for sport. Featured in the Lincolnshire Echo, he speaks of his past days playing for the local team, St. Helens, with best friend and Lincoln City’s striker Alex Simmons.

“Everyone could see Alex was the best player in the team,” Jackson said. “He played on the left and had a lot of pace compared to everyone else. It was always good to get the ball out to Alex and go from there. We were all good players at that age, but Alex got scouted first and he was probably the main player.”

But according to Simmons, Jackson’s talent for sport wasn’t going unnoticed either. With motorcycling on the back burner at that age, despite his Dad and uncle racing at national level, Jackson’s love for football came first.

“Lee was a good player,” said Simmons. “Obviously he’s better at motorcycling, but everyone in the team was good because we won the league.”

Jackson’s mum Sam added: “They set up a lot of goals for each other. Lee was on one wing and Alex was on the other. They complemented each other really well. They could both score from the halfway line and even from corners.

“If they weren’t winning their league they were at least in the top three. Lowlands, East Coast and Greenbank were their main rivals.”


Best buds from a young age, Simmons and Jackson.

Though the St. Helens team fell apart shortly after Simmons was scouted by another team, Jackson took his love of sport and joined his family in motorcycle racing. The British Superbikes star says he’s not sure if he’d have taken football any further though.

“If I’d had the chance to go back to my old team, I may have tried that,” says Jackson. “I watch football on TV and my team boss at Buildbase BMW is a big football fan, so when we’re at meetings we always watch the highlights in the evening.

“I don’t really support a team, although I like Chelsea, but I just like to watch a good game. If I had the chance, I’d still go football training. I just like staying active.”

To see the full story head to the Lincolnshire Echo website. Keep on track with Lee by following him on Twitter for the latest news.


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